Most frequent questions and answers

Your staff members have two ways to register to your store team:

  1. Through a dedicated registration URL.
  2. By inviting them directly from the “Staff” page.

For privacy reasons, your staff members will not be able to access the following pages:



Desktop widgets related to different staff members’ private data.



That’s okay, you can always remove the different shifts directly from the Payroll page.

Using Staffy’s desktop application, we monitor the time % the user has been active using his keyboard and/or his mouse.

Staffy monitors your staff members’ activity using the desktop application. If your staff members are using the web version to clock-in, Staffy will not be able to monitor their system.

A staff member is considered late if he clocks-in 3 minutes after the beginning of his calendar shift.

You can see the latest screenshots of your entire team straight from your desktop Activity widget. If you want to watch the activity of a specific staff member, you can easily do so from the Monitoring page. 

Staffy monitors your staff members’ journey in your Shopify dashboard. You can see which pages they have accessed, from specific product pages to your store’s settings. Staffy tracks them all.

Sure! your staff members don’t need to access Staffy through Shopify. Therfore, you can add as many staff members as you want, regardless to your Shopify plan.

Staffy is fully integrated with Shopify POS, and supports the following features:

  1. Shift scheduling
  2. Clock-in/out 
  3. Custom store checklists
  4. Commission-based payroll for pop-up stores and sales.

Manager can create shifts and new projects for their team in the same category.

You can add as many staff members as you want. Staffy supports stores with 1 to 1000 staff members.

If you have more than 50 staff members, contact us for a custom pricing plan.

Yes. You can manage different teams in different locations through the same dashboard.

Staffy is built to support all types of employees: from remote workers, freelancers, physical employees and POS users.

You can easily do so straight from your Staff page. For each staff member you would like to assign a PIN code – click on “Show/Edit Details”, and assign the new code on the bottom right.




Need additional support?

Contact us at [email protected] or through our live-chat. We would be more than happy to help.